2020 Highlights
As what has felt like the longest year comes to an end, we wanted to make sure 2020 wasn’t remembered just for its challenges but for what went well too. Happy holidays from Piclo!

2020 in more detail…

We closed investment from the Clean Growth Fund

We are delighted to finish the year by becoming the CGF’s first investment. This will set us up to hit the ground running in 2021 as we expand our team and continue our work accelerating flexibility markets in the UK and internationally.

Want to join us? We have a number of jobs openings we are looking to fill in 2021. View all open jobs.

DSO flexibility markets scaled up on Piclo Flex

2020 was a year of scaling up across DSO flexibility markets. Some highlights from the competitions run on Piclo Flex include:

Closed competitions

UK Power Networks awarded £14million worth of contracts
SP Energy Networks ran flexibility competitions in +1000 locations

Active competitions

Electricity North West is seeking 122MW of flexibility
UK Power Networks set £50m budget for the latest flexibility round

2 international collaborations

Slovenia - we announced our first international collaboration with the Slovenian electricity transmission system operator, ELES, on behalf of the Green Transformation Consortium. Find out more.

OneNet - we are a partner in the Northern Demonstrator of OneNet, a Horizon 2020 Project, which will focus on an integrated effort to enable market driven flexibility uptake by networks in a coordinated way. Find out more

2 white papers on the value of flexibility

1) The Value of Flexibility - Key finding: compared to a passive approach, flexibility can reduce the whole-system cost by £4.55bn per annum by 2050, through a combination of operational improvements and reduced capacity investments. Read here

2) The Value of Centralised and Distributed Storage - Key finding: network savings are maximised by wide scale deployment of distributed storage, as exemplified by V2G-enabled electric vehicles in this study. Read here

2 UK innovation projects

BEIS FleX Exchange - we are developing an online exchange for multiple flexibility markets, in collaboration with UK Distribution Network Operators, National Grid ESO and Flex Providers. Find out more.

Project LEO - the pilot project aims to develop integrated smart local energy systems, increase the penetration of renewables on the grid and accelerate the development of flexible local energy markets. Find out more.

See you in 2021!